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Finding the right coach is like finding the right pair of shoes. Some might fit but don’t match your style; others may be great in theory, but aren’t quite for you. The perfect ones, however, feel just right. They make you feel comfortable, happy, and ready to take on the world. They understand where you are coming from and where you want to go.

The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory is filled with BlackWomen coaches who are equipped to help you lean into your full potential.

The featured coaches below, as well as the rest in our directory, are here to guide you in your transformation.It all starts with a click.

Black women deserve to lead authentic, unapologetic, and free lives.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or apathetic in life, you don’t have to power through on your own.

As Black women, it can be intimidating to search for help in a market that doesn’t look like us. 

It shouldn’t be so hard to find a Black female coach.

The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory was built to connect you with the support you need to discover a life you love. It’s time to get unstuck and live your own success story.

About Anne Marie + 

The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory

I’m all about spreading the love, which is why I created The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory. I’m a proud bald Black woman, single mom, ex-attorney, and 30-year HR professional. I went from burnout to breakthrough and now I am living out my dream in Mexico.

How did I get there, you may ask? It’s all thanks to my coach.

Along my journey, I realized how difficult it can be to find a Black women coach who can understand and relate to the challenges we face with identity, career, and personal life.

The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory connects Black women with coaches who “get” them. We all need help letting out our shine and stepping into the women we’re meant to be.

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