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Claire B. Soares
7th Level Coaching

"Claire B. Soares created The 7th Level Coaching Program to help the entrepreneurs build and scale their business with a focus on sales, marketing and customer service. The signature strategies help you create a loyal customer base through marketing that connects to your client and quality customer service."

Business Name : 7th Level Coaching

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Describe Your Coaching Company : The 7th Level is a comprehensive program with seven in-depth levels to assist entrepreneurs with travel and service based business with marketing and business execution. Working on 7 essentials areas for their development, we provide tools and teach skills to the clients that will set them up on a new journey, leading them to create a successful and profitable business. Each level of the program provides clear and detailed strategies to guide them through the process of building a strong foundation for their business or personal brand. Starting working understanding themself and how they function in business, we go through different stages on the development to work on products, offers, and clients; marketing plans, sales funnels, and branding; building presence and platforms; creating a stable and a nurturing and cohesive customer experience; a dream team development; and increasing sustainability, systems, and a strong business able to escalate and slay on their business.

Coaching Category : Business Coach

Year Founded : 2020

Professional Associations : American Society of Travel Agents, Virtuoso Agent, Travel Edge Agency

What is Your Why? Why do you do what you do? : I created this program because in my entrepreneurial journey there wasn't a single program that provided the core skills I needed to succeed in building a one million business. My program covers the details of the most important aspects of a business which are sales, marketing, and customer service.

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