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featured Verified Corinne Bridgewater Life Coach

Corinne Bridgewater

Cocolabridge Coaching and Consultancy

Our mission is to change your life, business, or both. Our mission is to remove the roadblocks and set boundaries for every client to live authenti

Verified Trina Casey Life Coach

Trina Casey

This Real Life Coaching

I guide my clients to deep inner child healing by helping them see the bigger picture of their lives now and the life they want to lead.

  • Mauritius
featured Verified Karen Lord Life Coach

Karen Lord


To support clients, get unstuck, build awareness and thrive through transformative coaching!

Verified Alexis Whibbey Life Coach

Alexis Whibbey

Evolutionary Life, LLC

Evolutionary Life, LLC is a coaching and consulting company designed to help clients realize and tap into their life purpose.

  • United States
Verified Mairead Walsh Life Coach

Mairead Walsh

The People\'s Pedagogue

The People\'s Pedagogue creates Black and Brown-centered peer support and guidance for healing through self-reflection, collaboration . .

  • United States
featured Verified Deneen L Garrett Life Coach

Deneen L Garrett

Deneen Consults

We are focused on elevating the voices of women of color, and helping them "Live a Dream Lifestyle".

Verified Oneshia Diamond Life Coach

Oneshia Diamond

B. Clover Consulting Group

Our Mission is to provide quality coaching services in an effort to transform lives through innovative concepts that foster creative solutions

  • South Carolina, USA
Verified Alexis Mobley Life Coach

Alexis Mobley

I, Matter! Coaching & Consulting

Partners with high-achieving women seeking clarity amongst the chaos to live authentically empowered lives.

  • New York, NY, USA
Verified Karen Jones Ogbeifun Life Coach

Karen Jones Ogbeifun

ILOC Consulting, LLC

I created a company based on the belief that if we know and accept our capacity to thrive and excel, there are no limits.

  • Tampa, FL, USA
featured Verified Ashley Quinn Life Coach

Ashley Quinn

Restorative Spaces

Restorative Spaces is a life coaching practice that provides access to guidance and resources for women of color who are seeking to heal.