Ex-pat Coaching: What is it?

Ex-pat Coaching: What is it?

Ex-pat Coaching: What is it?

By S. Anne Marie Archer

Have you ever dreamed about living abroad? Have you have dreamed about a month(s) or a year in Paris, Accra, Johannesburg, or London? Have you dreamed of just pulling up stakes permanently and moving to Jamaica, Mexico, or Portugal? Well working with an Ex-pat coach could make that dream a reality.

One of the things that we are doing with The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory is introducing our followers to areas and subspecialties of coaching that they might not otherwise learn about.

This post will discuss the coaching category known as Ex-pat coaching.

So, first, what is an Ex-pat?

According to Wikipedia: “an Ex-patriate (often shortened to Ex-pat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person's upbringing. The word comes from the Latin terms ex ('out of') and patria ('country, fatherland')”.

What is an Ex-pat coach? An Ex-pat coach is a coach who specializes in supporting a clients desire to relocate abroad. The relocation can be for a short or long term. Ex-pat coaches usually work with their clients to help them develop the mindset to make the move and support and advise on concrete relocation plans with implementation strategies for the transition to Ex-pat life. This may include Financial/budget planning, housing research and full move/relocation support, transition planning, and remote work research and planning.

Within the Ex-pat coach specialty area there are subspecialty areas such as Career Break Coaching and Relocation Coaching.

Career Break Coaches focus on helping their clients plan and execute breaks from their regular job, i.e., adult gap years, sabbaticals so that they can take the time off for a fixed but temporary period of time.

Relocation Coaches help their clients plan and execute complete relocation to a specific country. Coaches in this category may also support a client’s entry into the digital nomad lifestyle.

Both types of coaches fall under the category of Ex-pat coaches. It is important to note that some ex-pat coaches may provide both career break and relocation coaching while others may just concentrate on one specific subspecialty. Some coaches support short- or long-term relocation to specific countries and some coaches support general relocation planning where the client picks the country and the coach helps them develop concrete goals and plans and strategies to make the move. Some coaches don’t help with the actual relocation or adult gap year, sabbatical or other career break planning and instead help clients focus on getting to the place where the idea of taking the leap is comfortable for them.

While there is not a certification at this time for Ex-pat coaching many Ex-pat coaches are certified life coaches’ others are certified business coaches. Others have training in other areas such as education, law, or finance.

When hiring an Ex-pat coach, it is advisable to follow the advice I provided in my blog post about selecting a coach HERE.

It is also very important to be clear about what you are seeking to do relevant to career break/sabbatical, adult gap year or, versus digital nomad or permanent relocation to a specific location. It is advisable to hire a coach who has specific knowledge about the country where you want to relocate or do your career break, or the capacity to do the research to support you.

We have several wonderful Ex-pat and Coaches in The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory.

Here are the names and short summaries of six Ex-pat coaches you should know about:

Katrina McGhee. Katrina is a career break and sabbatical coach. She helps 9-5ers take successful, life-changing breaks to the destination of their choice.

Michelle Wedderburn Waters. Michelle helps her clients relocate to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She also hosts visitors, digital nomads, and career breakers who visit San Miguel at Casa Elm a beautiful guest house and retreat facility she opened in San Miguel de Allende.

Kristin Tellis Quaye. Through Certified Africa, Kristin is helping Black Americans embrace their roots in Africa and relocate back HOME. She hosts retreats, and research trips to various countries in Africa such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and many others.

Karla Fraser. Karla helps her clients plan relocation abroad all over the world. She also works with individuals working in higher education who wish to transfer to international roles at institutions of higher learning.

Stephanie Perry and Roshida Dowe are single-handedly inspiring thousands of Black Women to embrace lives of ease through career breaks, sabbatical, relocations abroad, and digital nomad life through their Exodus Summit conference the Exodus Summit Facebook group, and their joint and separate social media presence.

Stephanie teaches her clients how to travel around the world and never pay for accommodations through her Housesitters School.

Roshida hosts masterclasses on turning Burnout into Bliss via sabbaticals, career breaks, and relocation to Mexico.

If you’ve been thinking about moving abroad permanently or semi-permanently, have no fear, the right Ex-pat Coach is a couple of keyboard strokes away on The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory. Just click on “Find A Coach”, scroll down to our categories and click on “Ex-pat Coach.”

Find the right Ex-pat Coach today and start planning your relocation abroad!

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S. Anne Marie Archer is the founder and creator of The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory. She is an HR consultant who specializes in advising her clients on exiting discriminatory and illegal hostile work environments with separations with severance (their “coins”) so that they can engage in the radical redesign of their lives. You can learn more about her work, or reach out to her for HR advice and HR consultations by visiting her website www.theantihr-hrlady.com.


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