Edith Nkwocha


Edith Nkwocha
Corporate Rest

"At Corporate Rest, we are facilitators. We offer you information and response services, house-hunting and accommodation services, relocate-to-Rwanda services, Do-Business-In-Rwanda services, export from Rwanda assistance and facilitation, and farmland acquisition. We also offer business start-up services such as business plan writing, proposal writing, website creation, blogs and articles, document preparation, etc. "

Business Name : Corporate Rest

Website : corporaterest.com

Describe Your Coaching Company : We take you by the hand, give you the tools that empower you with the confidence that you need to take the steps that you require to relocate and start a business and generate scalable income for yourself while in your new country.

Coaching Category : Expat Coach

Year Founded : 2021

Professional Associations : The American Confidence Institute The Style Coaching Institute

What is Your Why? Why do you do what you do? : It takes courage to step out and relocate to another country. I\'ve relocated several times. From The United States, to Andorra, to Poland, and more, I know first-hand the challenges, the questions, the second-guessing that many experience right from the recognition that where I am is not where I\'m supposed to be, to \"So where do I go and how will I survive?\" Corporate Rest will faciliatate this process and make it easier by streamlining the steps to be taken to relocate or do business in Rwanda and transform this into a strategic relocation oakage ,or do business in Rwanda plan.



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