Terry Banks

San Leandro, CA, USA

Terry Banks
Bank On It Financial Coaching

"I help Black women build a strong financial foundation so that they can shift into ease and I.N.V.E.S.T. with confidence. Innovate - Develop a fresh perspective Navigate - Make sense of the financial services industry Venture - Pursue joyful moments Explore - Tap into dreams Strategize - See the big picture Time - Do what you want"

Business Name : Bank On It Financial Coaching

Website : bankonitfc.com

Describe Your Coaching Company : Just as a personal trainer can help you meet your fitness goals faster and more efficiently than going solo, my coaching can help you save time and money. My coaching focuses on the foundational areas of mindset, budgeting, debt reduction and saving which provide clarity and hope. Together we create a spending and savings plan that reflects your values and goals. As goals are met and savings are recognized, wealth-building can begin.

Coaching Category : Life Coach

Year Founded : 2019

Professional Associations : Coach Connections

What is Your Why? Why do you do what you do? : I decided to become a Financial Coach because there was a time when I didn't know what was possible. I didn't know the details of the rigged system or how to navigate it. I cracked the code and that's why it's become my personal mission to help others along their journey of discovering clarity and ease in their relationship with their finances. My work centers Black women because as an investor, I understand the phenomenal power of leverage and compound interest. When women are uplifted, children and families are uplifted which means that the next generation will have an opportunity to exist without the weight of oppressive financial stress. Black women are less indoctrinated into the patriarchy so they are unapologetically capable of personally taking care of business. I’m here to provide the accountability and encouragement of a JUDGEMENT-FREE AUNTIE that you can confide in that will keep a secret and keep it real.


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