Christina Heath

Tampa, FL 33624, USA

Christina Heath
MangoFlow Consulting

"To empower project professionals to approach work & life holistically so they can be happier, healthier, more strategic, and impeccably aligned."

Business Name : MangoFlow Consulting

Website :

Describe Your Coaching Company : A results-focused, one-on-one coaching experience designed specifically to help overworked or under-challenged project professionals find their flow and craft a work-life they love. Within a matter of months. Not years. It\'s time to normalize self-expression, introspection, and compassionate, no-nonsense leadership in the project management space.

Coaching Category : Life Coach

Year Founded : 2021

Professional Associations : Project Management Institute, Tampa Bay Chapter

What is Your Why? Why do you do what you do? : I earned my stripes as a PM, spearheading projects in everything from AppDev to digital marketing and communications, mergers and acquisitions, and community advocacy and innovation. Eventually, I buckled under the pressure of conforming to the, quote, 'right way' of being a PM in Corporate America, struggling hard with the next best move. Chances are–what you’re feeling right now, I felt too. My life changed when I got honest about my goals and future and found the courage to go after what I wanted. I’m Christina, the Strategic Alignment Coach for project professionals who want to create a day-to-day that flows and feels like their OWN and be in charge of their careers for a change. Through custom, career-focused personal development coaching, I help you understand your unique way of managing projects, use it to further your company\'s goals and your own, and then build whatever you desire from there. If you’re ready to dive in (and want some support), I invite you to apply for private 1:1 coaching. Talk soon!



Payment Types Accepted : paypal, AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Card, Venmo

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