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Verified Lena Benjamin Business Coach

Lena Benjamin


To empower a million busy work-life balance-seeking business professionals to achieve six-figure incomes

Verified Donna Jones Business Coach

Donna Jones

IHOPE 20/20 Coaching

We provide a supportive structure to help baby boomers and late bloomers find their happy place.

  • Kalamazoo, MI, USA
featured Verified Aleya Harris Business Coach

Aleya Harris

Flourish Marketing

BioEnergetic Business Coaching is for growth-getting entrepreneurs who want to unblock their energy and unleash abundance.

Verified Jacquelyn Omotalade Business Coach

Jacquelyn Omotalade

The Jackie O. Life

My name is Jackie O. I’m a single mother, a proud black woman, a former tech executive turned full-time world traveler.

  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Verified Andrea White Business Coach

Andrea White

Elite Business Coaching

We help women of color to start and grow their full or part-time businesses from zero to multiple six figures. Describe your Coaching Com

  • United States
featured Verified Claire B. Soares Business Coach

Claire B. Soares

7th Level Coaching

I created The 7th Level Coaching Program to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses.

Verified Christine Job Business Coach

Christine Job

Flourish in the Foreign

I help Black Women and WOC leverage their talents and expertise into viable and sustainable online businesses.

  • Spain