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Verified Angela Harris Executive Coach

Angela Harris

2638 Management Group, LLC

I help Black women in tech strategically navigate the corporate landscape.

  • District of Columbia, USA
Verified Tonicia Freeman-Foster Executive Coach

Tonicia Freeman-Foster

Kusudi Consulting Group

Reminding bold leaders of their purpose and power and equipping them with new tools to courageously take action.

Verified Alexandria Lockett Executive Coach

Alexandria Lockett

Jane Nova Creative Studios

I enjoy creating opportunities and connecting networks seeking innovative approaches to their knowledge management in every aspect of life.

  • Atlanta, GA, USA
Verified Clene` Elder Executive Coach

Clene` Elder

Progressive Headspace, LLC

Our mission is to move meaningful agendas forward for those we support.

  • Atlanta, GA, USA
Verified Kelli King-Jackson Executive Coach

Kelli King-Jackson

Kelli King-Jackson, LLC

I provide individual, group and team coaching to Black women and other women of color in leadership.

  • United States
Verified Shayna Renee Hammond Executive Coach

Shayna Renee Hammond

IndigoWomen Group Coaching Experience

At Shayna Renee, we create spaces, methods, and conditions for Black women in leadership to thrive.

  • Washington D.C., DC, USA
featured Verified Aleya Harris Business Coach

Aleya Harris

Flourish Marketing

BioEnergetic Business Coaching is for growth-getting entrepreneurs who want to unblock their energy and unleash abundance.

Verified Karen Hewitt Executive Coach

Karen Hewitt

The Ohio REST Collective

We center the lived experience of Black, Queer, Women and consequently are able to hold a wide breath of intersections and lived experience as we a

  • Ohio, United States
Verified S. Anne Marie Archer Executive Coach

S. Anne Marie Archer

The AntiHR, HR Lady

HR is not your enemy but it's definitely not your friend. Let me help you get the most out of your Human Resources Department.

  • District of Columbia, USA
featured Verified Tawana Bhagwat Executive Coach

Tawana Bhagwat

Organization At Its Best, Inc

"To Transform Organizations through HR Excellence Inspire, Transform, and Unleash the You, You have been looking for."