How A Black Woman Coach set me on the Path to Solo Travel


By S. Anne Marie Archer If you follow me on Instagram, you know How much I love solo travel. Last fall I went on a dream trip to Italy where I visited Florence, the Amalfi coast, and several towns and cities in Sicily. It was truly the best vacation of my adult life to date because I was able to take my time exploring each place without worrying about my day job or checking ema...

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By S. Anne Marie Archer Have you ever dreamed about living abroad? Have you have dreamed about a month(s) or a year in Paris, Accra, Johannesburg, or London? Have you dreamed of just pulling up stakes permanently and moving to Jamaica, Mexico, or Portugal? Well working with an Ex-pat coach could make that dream a reality. One of the things that we are doing with The BlackWomen Coach™ Direc...

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Do You need a Coach or a Psychotherapist? The views shared in this blog post are not professional. They are the opinion of the author. Do you need a coach or do you need a psychotherapist (“therapist”)? You’ve determined that you need some support in figuring out some aspect of your life or career or, something in your life is falling apart or not going well and you need...

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